lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

International Meeting of Performing Arts Research

“Vías” (ways) is a meeting between young directors, actors, dancers and plastic artists of Europe and America that will take place once a year in Barcelona, Spain. In these meetings there will be an invited artist who will be the principal workshop leader that, over the 4 days work, will show us their way (vía) of creation. In every work session the artist will share with the participants technical and practical tools that will show, in a coherent way, their artistic- creative process within their discipline (theatre, dance, visual and plastic arts, etc)
The meeting will consist of 20 hours of practical work, a performance, a seminar and the presentation of the work of the participants of the meeting: Vías Convergentes: “Convergent Ways”
Guests will come from Spain, Argentina, Austria, Colombia, Italy, U.K. and the U.S.A, among others. Young artists with experience in their fields that have kept in contact through the Agora Teatral internet group or through different seminars, and during the last few years have been creating their own artistic projects, groups or associations. Amongst this group of participants there will be future workshop leaders for the following meetings. In this way, Vías proposes to provide continuity in the workshops that impart a clear process of enrichment and learning development over future encounters.

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