lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

First International Meeting of Performing Arts Research: “Vías”.

Workshop leader: Jori Snell (Holland/ Denmark)

Our first invited artist is Jori Snell.

Jori, actress and dancer, has worked intensively in physical theatre and dance for 9 years. She studied in Italy, Denmark and France, and has worked as a freelance performer/dancer since. Since 2000 she, amongst others, has collaborated and worked as an actress in the group “The Wings” directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen from the Odin Theatre in Denmark, and with Enrique Pardo, director of the Pantheatre (Roy Hart) in France, along with her own work creating the piece “Very short stories of creatures and their journeys towards home” She has experience with teaching and choreographing adolescents and adults in short and long term projects.
Her company: Baba Yaga Teater :
Physical theatre workshop.

The work will concentrate on two basic elements: technique and the creative process.

• We will work on some basic movement techniques from physical theatre and dance, which will help to create a bigger understanding of the language and possibilities of the body/your unique body. Through simple exercises we focus on grounding, centering, breathing and playing with giving the weight of the body to the floor and/or to a partner.

• Through improvisation work we will open up to a more personal creative language, that is; your unique way of expressing.

• Through investigation and repetition we create personal physical/vocal material and aim at bringing our material into clearer pictures, which is the beginning of performance-material.

Note: there will be simultaneous translation from English to Spanish.

.Participants to the meeting

This workshop is directed at artists, performers and dancers that have an interest in exploring the body through creativity. The main focus will be on a further development of your own unique artistic language in collaboration with others.
The workshop aims at giving each individual some concrete tools and an experience to be carried on with in your own way afterwards.

Some experience in the ability to work independently is needed, though the most important is your joy to investigate and bringing yourself along. In that way, participants must be prepared and willing to do intensive, sometimes challenging work, which needs a certain commitment


Thursday 2nd November from 16:00h to 20:00h
Friday 3rd November from 10:00h to 14:00h
Performance: 21:00h
Saturday 4th November from 10:00h to 14:00h – 15:00 to 18:00
Seminar and Vías Convergentes from 19:00h
Sunday 5th November from 10:00 to14:00h
Barcelona, Spain

On Friday 3rd November as part of the work, Jori will present her solo show.

BABA YAGA Teater presents:
“Very short stories of creatures and their journey towards a home”.
In the performance many of the tools and elements that will be worked on during the workshop will be on display to be appreciated in a practical way.

A visual theatre and dance performance
In this performance different creatures lead us through a world full of their weird, humours and sometimes grotesque short stories, which are told in a playful, associative way through dance, theatre, mime, poems and with the use of magical pictures and objects.
Meanwhile absurd and funny tunes are heard from an old record player; an apple swings around, and leads us to both temptation and to the questions:
"What is my home and where do we belong?"

“A physical theatre performance of exceptional virtuosity and emotion”
Pantheatre, Paris


On Saturday 4th November a Seminar about the performance and the workshop will take place. Here the participants will be able to make comments and formulate questions to Jori. This is space to reflect and asses the work during the Meeting and to give feed-back. (Simultaneous translation will be provided)

“Vías Convergentes” (Convergent Ways)

“Vías Convergentes” is a unique space within the seminar that offers the participants the opportunity to present their work to the other members of Vías and to the invited public of Barcelona. This presentation can last 15 minutes at the most and there is the possibility to count on multimedia (projector, DVD, stereo, etc) that will need to be specified in the registration form.

We have at our disposal a meeting room with a capacity for 45 people, a whiteboard and multimedia equipment.
The price for the meeting is of 150 euros.
All the activities during the 4 days will be included in this price:
• 20 hours workshop
• Coffee brake during the workshop
• Performance (special seats)
• Seminar
• Vías Convergentes.
• Extra – Material.

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